An Evening At The Theatre – Madagascar The Musical…


I was lucky to be invited to attend the press night for Madagascar The Musical at the New Wimbledon Theatre and what a treat it was.


If you are a fan of the movie franchise then I would recommend checking it out at the theatre too. The show caters for all ages in my opinion. There was witty humour for the adults to enjoy as well as all the amazing costumes, dancing, singing and good acting from the cast.  For those of you who watch and enjoy  X Factor Matt Terry who was winner of the X Factor in 2016 was one of the leads playing Alex the Lion he was belting out the tunes and kept us engaged. I must say I don’t know how they do it wearing those thick costumes at this time of year but hats off to the cast.


The show was at 6pm so I couldn’t really bring Kam along as it would have interrupted his bedtime routine but I do plan on taking him to watch it at some point in the future. The day was so hot and boarder line unbearable. I had to brave the rush hour chaos and get on a couple trains from Hertfordshire to SW London in that sweltering heat. It was definitely worth it as I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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