Geronimo – Family Friendly Festival…

July 13, 2018

One of the first things I thought I would like to do as a family once I had Kamran was to go to a child friendly festival as soon as he could walk… he started walking at 10 months but obvs that’s a bit too young to let him run wild and free at a festival.

Last weekend we finally went to our first family friendly festival called Geranimo. It was held at the beautiful grounds of Knebworth House which luckily for us is just around the corner from where we live. As soon as we heard it was coming to town it was a no brainer, we grabbed tickets as it’s been said the festival is the Glastonbury for kids. On arrival everything was smooth sailing and well organised we found a decent parking on the site not far from the entrance. When we got to the entrance it was fab, there were no big queues we just showed our tickets, got our bright pink wrist bands and through the security check barriers we went.

A lot of families were there but not too packed you could still easily move around and enjoy the festivities. There was honestly so much to do from the music area where Kam thoroughly enjoyed the Guffalo rave on the main stage. We got to see Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble on that stage too doing his thing. The kiddies went wild for him(just think of Beyonce in concert belting out one of her girl power tunes and how mad we go for it) Kam was buzzing and dancing around like he does to the familiar tunes at home only this time the songs didn’t sound so annoying. Mama’s you know what I mean!

We enjoyed walking around and visiting the various activity tents and also the kid’s funfair rides. I think my partner’s highlight was seeing the life size Pac Man Maze he’s a big kid at heart. Another good thing was the variety of food and drink stalls they had. We settled with a yummy meal at Honest Burger because did you even go to a festival if you didn’t have a burger?

The only thing I would say is it was bloody hot and I mean HOT(I think the hottest day of the year)!!! As amazing as it is to have lovely sunny weather when going to a festival I just wish they had more places that had shade that’s all.
However, really glad we went I look forward to going again I would definitely encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

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